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Are you in the Right Job?

Most working people experience the odd bout of ‘Monday Morning Blues’ on days when nothing seems to go right and the question ‘Am I in the right Job?’ raises itself. Perseverance or tenacity or both help most of us to hang in there until the cloud passes and we find renewed interest and meaning in what we do. For some people however, the cloud lingers and work becomes a daily chore, a frustrating grind, something to survive or worst of all a boring meaningless routine. 

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Gender at Work

In examining the status of women in Jamaica their numerical representation underscores the strides they have made in some spheres and their important role in development.  Women represent 51% of the population, 42% of the heads of household, approximately 72% of university graduates, 46% of the total labour force, 56% of the professional labour force, 88% of the minimum wage domestic workers, 60% of all formal commercial importers and 80% of teachers

Women also represent 85% of the unpaid labour in the home, 65.3% of the unemployed and suffer twice the unemployment rates of men, despite their academic achievements and numerical presence in the labour force, women are still impeded by the glass ceiling, that invisible artificial barriers creates by attitudinal and organizational prejudices which bar them from top positions.

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Go for your Goals

Among the definitions of the word 'goal' provided by the Oxford Dictionary "object or effort or destination."  Goals can also be described as targets of achievement, barriers or obstacles to conquer, problems to solve or a personal sense of purpose.

People need to set goals in order to focus their efforts and motivate themselves towards achieving successful results, getting ahead or realising their full potential.  Many of us lose track of our goals of life and work.  Our efforts seem to spin without any particular direction or purpose and we become bored, dissatisfied or demotivated.  Some of us plod along sensing that something is missing in our lives but resign ourselves to a 'Oh well that's my life' explanation.

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Health Finance

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How to Sell Yourself in Interviews

The interview is essentially a face to face meeting between a candidate and a potential employer in which the main objective is to determine whether the candidate has the ability and qualities to do the job competently if hired.

In today's competitive job market, you must use the interview as your best opportunity to market yourself and convince a potential employer that you are the best man or woman for the job.  To do this successfully some homework and preparation is necessary in advance.

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Investing in Career Development

Today the word ‘investment’ seems to be on everybody’s lips in terms of financial input and planning. None of this is possible however without the investment in skills which it takes to produce and service wealth and economic stability, so that an individual’s investment in his or her own skill development or career development is one of the most important investments on both a personal and national level.

Indeed, stock markets may rise and fall, currencies devalue and real estate tumbles, but one’s personal education and development are valuable assets to be highly prized in a world of ups and downs and sudden changes.

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Looking for Better Career Opportunities

Nearly everyone looks forward to growing and making progress in their career. Some people may define their progress and success in terms of recognition and promotion for their effort, increased salary and benefits, skill development and training, job satisfaction, achievement of ambitions and goals etc. However, sometimes what may have appeared or started off as a promising career path can reach a plateau or peak, or even lead to a disappointing deadend . Those who experience these kinds of obstructions to their career plans, soon sense that there is no further scope for achievement or upward mobility and often become worried and dissatisfied with the limitations, which may be imposed on their earning potential, training and development, opportunities for promotion and realization of goals and ambitions. When this happens most people start looking for greener pastures and better career opportunities.Some are lucky and find themselves in the right place at the right time and move on to better things, others grapple with indecision and doubt and stay put for fear of not finding anything more secure, while others may take a headlong plunge into deeper dissatisfaction and frustration by looking in the wrong direction and making yet another bad choice.

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New Career Directions in the Information Age

Never before in the history of the world has so much information been available to so many people on such a wide range of interests, occupations, business, scientific, cultural, social, political and miscellaneous data.

Knowledge, of course, has been around for a long time and we are often humbled to find out that the ancient world possessed scientific knowledge and technical expertise that was lost and simply rediscovered by modern man. There is evidence for example, that the Egyptian  wood worker of 2,500 B.C. was a master craftsman, familiar with most of the carpentry devices known to the modern cabinet  maker and that when Iran  was the  world’s first great empire around 500 B.C., Iranian doctors were the forerunners to today’s general practitioner. Sumerians invented the sixty (60) minute hour and people like Pythagoras, Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein all possessed the kind of perceptive and analytical skills and insight which today form the basis of modern science and technology.

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Preparing to Meet Opportunity

Whether you dream big dreams or set big goals or little goals, opportunity often plays an important part in helping to get you there.  It can move you along, help you up the career ladder and get you across the barriers and pitfalls.

Many people long for opportunity, but are caught unprepared when it comes.  "I didn't expect it so soon,"  "I didn't even guess that I stood a chance,"  "I was in the wrong place,"  "I just wasn't ready,"  "I didn't realize what a big chance it was," or "I needed more time" are some of the frequently heard excuses.

Opportunity will leave those behind who cannot recognize it for what it is or who are faint hearted or unprepared when it comes calling.

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Resume Art

Every year, hundreds of job seekers submit resumes to prospective employers or send them off in response to advertisements offering promising career opportunities. Many of them however, fail to make a strong impression and end up as a pile of discarded paper or worst yet never get read at all. The main reason for this degree of failure is that not enough thought is given to the whole purpose, preparation and presentation of the resume.

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Self Assessment

There is a big difference between thinking you know what you are worth and knowing your real worth.  Many people think they could do better, think they deserve more, think that the boss or company or life has short changed them but are not certain why they are missing out or what their real value and purpose is.

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The New Job Frontiers

A new job frontier is opening up.  A frontier where no man or woman has gone before, as new technologies, scientific breakthroughs, discoveries and innovations in telecommunications propel us into an exciting future of unprecedented opportunities, awesome possibilities and revolutionary changes.

A new work order is emerging on the trail to this frontier that is turning our world up side down.  Jobs are disappearing into oblivion, never to return again and we are being forced to abandon long held beliefs and break the rules of how and where and why we work.

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Youth Focus

Many high school students start to focus on their career choice or the type of job they would like, or their plans for higher education after they leave school or on completion of their CXC examinations, while some students have been preparing and planning for this moment of decision, when they will take a big step forward into the adult working world or college or university environment. Many are still undecided about what they want to do and may even be a little apprehensive about the future. For teenagers, parents and teachers, it can be a nervous, tense time compound by exams looming ahead and the question “Well what have you decided to do” in the air.

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