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Nearly everyone looks forward to growing and making progress in their career. Some people may define their progress and success in terms of recognition and promotion for their effort, increased salary and benefits, skill development and training, job satisfaction, achievement of ambitions and goals etc. However, sometimes what may have appeared or started off as a promising career path can reach a plateau or peak, or even lead to a disappointing deadend . Those who experience these kinds of obstructions to their career plans, soon sense that there is no further scope for achievement or upward mobility and often become worried and dissatisfied with the limitations, which may be imposed on their earning potential, training and development, opportunities for promotion and realization of goals and ambitions. When this happens most people start looking for greener pastures and better career opportunities.Some are lucky and find themselves in the right place at the right time and move on to better things, others grapple with indecision and doubt and stay put for fear of not finding anything more secure, while others may take a headlong plunge into deeper dissatisfaction and frustration by looking in the wrong direction and making yet another bad choice.

Looking at the Options

Before making any move to look for better career or job opportunities, there are a number of important facts and options which should be considered:

  • First are you clear and certain about what you want from your next opportunity?
  • Do you want better salary, more authority, greater responsibility and recognition, a chance to prove your ability etc.?
  • Or are you looking for less stress, more time to further your education etc? Make sure you know.

You should also consider whether you are ready to make a decisive move and take on new challenges:

  • Are you qualified for the position you want?
  • Do you need further training to get a better position?
  • Can you handle more responsibility?
  • Do you need more experience?
  • Do you have the skills required?

If your answers are affirmative and you are confident about what you want and about your capabilities, then you are indeed ready to look for better opportunities. If however you find yourself in doubt, then you may need more time to prepare yourself to fulfill your needs and aspirations.

Take time to assess yourself, your skills, qualifications, work experience and those areas you need to upgrade and improve in order to move on to a better position. This may mean acquiring additional skills or retraining for an entirely new career field. Do not however act impulsively and make any sudden, rash decisions, which you may regret later. Remember that a change is always best when you plan and prepare for it, so give yourself time to make interim as well as long term plans.

Look inside as well as Outside

Before making any plans to leave your present organization, you should consider whether there really is no further scope for you within it. You need to be sure that you have been keeping abreast of changes and opportunities and that you have explored all possible options. This is particularly relevant if you work within a large organization or group which may have vacancies or plans for expansion which could provide you with the kind of opportunity and scope you are seeking, without having to go outside. A talk with your supervisor or manager, personnel manager or human resource development officer could lead to information on job openings or new opportunities within your present organization. If you are quite sure there is nothing there for you, then you will have to look outside.

Business associates, friends, family, personal contacts, job advertisements, recruitment services, career and placement services, business directories, associations are among some of the most important sources that can provide you with information and leads for better opportunities.

However, it is also very important to observe the changes and trends taking place around you. This is particularly important if you are to avoid getting into another deadend job or choosing one with little scope for long term development.

Job Opportunity Factors

Job opportunities arise and change due to a number of factors such as the needs of the private and public sectors, the growth of established business and industrial expansion, the development of new enterprises as well as prevailing social, economic and political conditions. The rapid advances in technology and information systems challenge all career people to keep up with fast and frequent changes occurring in nearly every field of work. Job seekers particularly those who are looking for better positions need to keep up with all these changes and trends in order to know what opportunities exist and what future opportunities are likely to arise given present conditions and projections.

Marketable Skills Mix

It is also very important to be flexible and have the right mix of skills which will allow you to adapt to changes taking place. Job advertisements, recruiters and career services can provide you with relevant information on what skills are currently in demand and how marketable your own skills, qualifications and experience are.

Study the Job Market

Use all sources to find out what you need to get ahead. They can also be useful for exploring organizations which offer the type of opportunity you are looking for. For example a study of Career Advertisements are leading websites and in newspaper advertisements will give you important information on what companies are looking for staff to fill vacancies or new positions.

Career services can provide you with information on occupational choices in different sectors, salary ranges, and entry requirements for specific positions, options for changing careers or re-training for a new field of work.

Friends, business associates or contacts within specific industries can give you first hand information on what the organizational structure, culture, mission and goals of different businesses are.

If you take the time to explore better career opportunities and study and compare them to your own needs and expectations, then you stand a good chance of making a better choice and achieving more successful results in the future. 

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