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There is a big difference between thinking you know what you are worth and knowing your real worth.  Many people think they could do better, think they deserve more, think that the boss or company or life has short changed them but are not certain why they are missing out or what their real value and purpose is.

They found that they are not good enough, or that something or someone else has the answer to their fate and they wait for something special to happen to them or to be discovered by someone who will really appreciate, approve or recognize their true value.  Many become sleeping beauties waiting for princes who never show up or tomorrow people waiting to become someone, somewhere in the future.  In the meantime the present slips away and self-doubt, self-denial and eventually a sense of failure and lack of self-esteem set in.


Although as human beings, love, approval, success and recognition from others help us to develop a positive self-image, self-worth cannot be bestowed on us something or someone else.  True self-worth springs from a knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and in order to gain a sense of our own worthiness, we need to know and understand who we are.


Our childhood and adult experiences, parents, teachers, peers, work and environment all help to condition our attitudes and concepts towards life.  However, a unique self emerges from all our personal experiences and learning which is capable of making successful choices, making decisions and doing things in our own way.  When we accept responsibility for this self and our successes, as well as failures, we achieve understanding and acceptance of ourselves.


The process of self - assessment is one of the best ways of evaluating and understanding ourselves on both a personal and professional basis.

Start by making a list of positive personal attributes, strong characteristics, good intrinsic qualities and a list of accomplishments, skills, aptitudes, qualifications and career achievements.  Then make a list of personal and professional areas of your life which are weak or need improvement.

Look over both lists and make sure you have noted all relevant facts, no matter how small or insignificant you may consider them.  If they are relevant , list them.

After this, read your list of positives.  On the personal side, your list may include facts such as: good parent; tolerant person; relate well to others; responsible; honest; confident; optimistic, among others.  Your professional side may list positive achievements such as: good secretarial skills; degree in management; recently promoted; good leadership abilities; flair for sales; achieve special job award, scholarship, etc.

When you review your list you will be surprised at how many positive aspects of yourself exist.  Some of them cannot be qualified in terms of outstanding achievements or financial value, but they are nevertheless merits.

In the evaluation of your career and professional life, there are some aspects which cannot be quantified in terms of monetary value such as your marketable skills, qualifications, work experience and training.  If you are not sure what these are worth, check the Salary Surveys complied and published by the Jamaica Employers’ Federation in Jamaica or get information from your peers, associates, relatives, friends, career councilors or career advisory services.  Those who have not kept abreast of their career and job trends and salaries may be pleasantly surprised at their monetary value on the job market.

On completing the review of your list of personal and professional assets, next check your list of liabilities, weaknesses and areas in need of improvement.  These may include negatives such as: procrastinator; impatient; poor communication skills; need to upgrade skills; weak educational background; lack of confidence or poor self-esteem.

Be honest about your weaknesses, but do not be harsh with yourself.  Instead consider what can be done to improve yourself and turn negatives into positives, bearing in mind that as an individual, you have the wonderful human flexibility to change and develop your full potential.


Once you have assessed yourself and understand who you are and what your potential is, you will realize that you are unique and special even with your weaknesses, faults and failures and that if you keep interested in your personal development and improvement, you can gain enthusiasm, optimism, better self-esteem and an understanding of your real worth, that will make your life rewarding and fulfilling.

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