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Many high school students start to focus on their career choice or the type of job they would like, or their plans for higher education after they leave school or on completion of their CXC examinations, while some students have been preparing and planning for this moment of decision, when they will take a big step forward into the adult working world or college or university environment. Many are still undecided about what they want to do and may even be a little apprehensive about the future. For teenagers, parents and teachers, it can be a nervous, tense time compound by exams looming ahead and the question “Well what have you decided to do” in the air.

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More and more young people are approaching the job market equipped with technical qualifications and certification in a number of disciplines.  Perhaps because of a growing awareness of what career opportunities exist and greater accessibility to information for planning and decision making, many are assiduously pursuing and obtaining certificates, degrees and diplomas in their chosen field or ensuring that they have the required number of CXC or 'O' or 'A' Level passes to enter and compete in the job market.  While emphasis is being placed on the importance of developing technical skills and acquiring the relevant certification however, there appears to be a growing deficiency in the development of social skills for interacting, communicating and presenting oneself with the necessary degree of confidence and poise required in the complex and challenging work environment.

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