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Even if you feel that you have left it a little late in the day, it is never too late to start making some plans towards choosing a career. If you are worried about where to start, start where you are now, with yourself and consider the following steps towards making a good choice.


    You are the centre of this choice. Though well-meaning teachers and parents can guide and help you, the choice will ultimately be yours, because a career or job or course of study is not something that anyone else can do for you. You will literally live and work with the decision you make, but you do not have to consider it a final irrevocable one, but instead one that you can work on, develop and even change as situations and the options are available to you.

    Two simple questions, “What do I want to do?” and “How can I do it?” can help you to focus, attention yourself and start you off on a mission of self-discovery and career discovery.

    Even if your first reaction is to say “Who me, what do I know? That is why I haven’t yet made any decision.” Force yourself to start thinking about what you may enjoy doing and what some of the options that you would like to consider are, and make a list of these possible options. Then ask yourself, “What do I know about this field of work, this job or this career?” Chances are, you may not know much, or it may be one of those hot careers like computers that sounds great, but you do not know what working in the field would entail or you really do not know what subjects you would need to get into that field or work, or you have not seriously studied any of the options.

    If you find yourself in any of these situations and you do not have enough facts to make a decision or you feel vague, then your next step is to get the information you need.

    In order to make any good decision or choice you need to get the facts. Some decisions are made quickly, almost automatically based on information or experience that you have gained. Others need to be studied, looked at from different angles, researched and explored before you can come with the right answers. Career decisions require this type of in-depth thought and research. Look at the career or job options you have listed, put them in order of preference: first choice, second choice, etc. Next, consider if you know all the important facts about those career or job options.

These include:

  • What kind of work is generally involved;
  • The main job functions;
  • The academic and aptitude requirements to enter the field;
  • Personality traits required;
  • The training required;
  • Employment opportunities available, etc.
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