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Eliminate the Unrealistic Option

After you have explored the different careers you are interested in, make a short list of those which you consider realistic and attainable. You can decide this by judging:

  • if you have the aptitude to pursue this career;
  • if you can meet the entry requirements;
  • if you have sufficient interest now that you have the facts:
  • if you have the personal characteristics and traits you need to make a success of it.
Once you look at these different factors they will help youth decide whether you have the necessary degree of compatibility with the career you are considering to make it a viable choice.If after all this you still remain uncertain, then you should consider getting career counselling or doing a vocational test, or getting into a career start programme of study, such as the one offered by the Institute of Management and production (IMP). You can get some experience and knowledge of the working world which might help you to make up your mind about what you really want to do, by trying out a part-time job, a temporary job or a summer job. 


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