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Many young people's inadequacies in the area of social skills are first discernible at the point of the job interview, when they fail to present themselves successfully due to factors such as poor physical appearance and deportment, unsuitable attire, an inability to articulate relevant information, poor diction and failure to handle the level of communication and interaction required during the interview process.  Surprisingly these inadequacies and weaknesses can be identified not only in many young high school graduates attempting to enter the workforce, but also in a number of graduates from tertiary level institutions and working adults.

Employers and recruiters who are looking for well rounded individuals with the potential to assume the technical as well as social responsibilities of the job they are seeking to fill are often disappointed to find that only a few candidates meet the criteria for social skills.

This inevitably leads to questions - "Why are many young people not acquiring social skills in the process of educational development and who is to blame?"

Very often the breakdown in family life and its essential role in training and inculcating social skills is often cited amongst the many reasons, as well as a feeling that our present educational system is more focused on getting people to pass exams than on developing the whole human being both intellectual and social.  Some people also blame changing values and attitudes.

Whatever the reason however, the fact still remains that social skills are an important asset for anyone aspiring to a successful career and life and therefore individuals, organizations, training institutions and institutions of higher learning as well as the family, all have an important role and responsibility to ensure that they are developed and given the importance they merit.

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