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“Recognizing and Featuring Jamaicans/Caribbean People of Excellence At Home and Abroad” 

Jamaicans have put their mark of excellence and exceptional talent on many different spheres of endeavour, both at home, as well as, as part of the wider Jamaican Diaspora. Although we are best known for our musical legends like Bob Marley, our history of exciting track and field stars, our great cricketers and innovative tourism entrepreneurs; Jamaica claims many sons and daughters whose endowments extend to other intellectual, artistic and professional Achievements.


It is therefore important for us to single them out, to recognise honour and celebrate their distinctions and valuable contributions, as world-class citizens and success stories. This is to enable us to not only share in their proud heritage, but to identify with their achievements and all that is best in ourselves as a people.  This is particularly important at this time as Globalization challenges us to retain our authenticity and cultural confidence, in the face of powerful forces which can erase or enhance our concept of who we are, what we have to offer to the world and where we position ourselves in an increasingly competitive environment. 


It is also important for our children to see success reflected in their own image, so they too will be inspired to reach for the best in themselves and write their own life scripts, plans and goals - to live their dreams and attain world-class achievement and success.

Objectives of the Career Hall Of Fame 

To induct, recognise and feature on our website each year, Jamaicans, or persons of Jamaican or Caribbean heritage, who have achieved excellence and world-class status in their field of endeavour and to use those inducted to inspire our youth and Jamaicans from all walks of life, to reach for success and their highest potential with the main aims of:

 ¨      Building national pride 

¨      Networking and build bridges with the Diaspora 

¨      Creating a national data bank of successful Jamaicans from across the world 

¨      Developing a “Career Hall of Fame” to motivate youth

¨      Creating solutions for youth and partnerships for social and economic change. 

This will in turn have the desired effect of: 

  • Strengthening personal self-esteem and cultural identity of Jamaicans people of Jamaican and Caribbean heritage


  • Inspiring confidence and raising the bar of achievement


  • Sharing   practical insights and secrets of success


  • Showcasing role models and success in our own image


  • Identifying Power Speakers/Motivators and presenting their voices and perspectives.

§    Sharing the success stories of   Jamaicans and persons of Jamaican heritage with Jamaica and the rest of the world, to counter negative images and to build positive partnerships for development


  • Featuring Jamaican success stories on HKA’s website  and in the wider media.


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