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Mr. Courtney Lodge - CEO GSB Credit Union

Motivational Power Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Courtney Lodge, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Power Speaker, you have blazed the trail of a bright star, lighting your path and your journey with excellence, insight and passion.

Born in the parish of St. Mary, you have walked the small winding paths of Country roads and known the rural beauty and love of Jamaica. Still your compass was set for a larger map that would take you across the world, widen your horizon and make you a word class citizen, leader, academic and innovator.

From St. Mary High School, to the University of the District of Columbia, you took with you the DNA of leaders, men of courage, vision, passion and excellence; true to Jamaica, but with an universal mind that could go anywhere and excel in any sphere.

Graduating summa cum laude in Business Administration, majoring in Business, Economics and Finance, with a ninety percent (99%) average in all courses taken over 4 years, you gained the Academic Excellence Award for the highest GPA of all finance majors at the University of the District of Columbia and are listed among the Who is Who in American Colleges and Universities. You also gained the highest honours /Dean’s List for four consecutive years and are listed on the National Honour society for Business students. 

You later completed your Masters in Business administration with Nova South Eastern University, again distinguishing yourself with an outstanding grade point average.

Not willing to settle just for academic excellence however, your inner powers propelled you to put excellence in action and to translate academic knowledge into innovative solutions. And so throughout your career you have embraced challenge and change and employed your creative intellect to power up his way to success.

Courtney Lodge as CEO of GSB Credit Union, you are one of Jamaica’s most dynamic and innovative corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. You led this company to become the first financial Institution to lower interest rates for mortgages and have shown not only that it can be done, but how it can be done with style and imagination – as GSB put it “Enabling Jamaicans to cross the finish lines into their own homes”

You started your adult career in the Constabulary force and quickly rose to the rank of Superintendent of Police, where you established and effectively managed the Gangs Intelligence Unit and were successful in gathering and disseminating intelligence important to National Security.

You became Treasurer of the Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union, and the youngest director in the history of that Credit Union.

You quickly proved your merit by successfully leading the organization to outstanding financial performance, through a change process which resulted in total assets rising from 89 million in 1997 to 1.3 billion Jamaican Dollars in 2005.

Following a successful and dynamic career in the constabulary force, you became Staff Director and Branch Manager of Jamaica National Building Society and was the youngest manager ever to be a Director of this multi-national organization.

Moving from Success to success, you   excelled in all the roles to which you were appointed.  As Manager of the company’s Duke Street Branch of JNB you led the organization to unprecedented growth in net savings within 3 years of taking up the post.

You have made outstanding contribution to the Credit Union Movement, locally, regionally and internationally and are unstoppable in your quest for excellence and your entrepreneurial drive and innovation.

You embody the meaning of empowerment as you set your own targets of excellence, ask new questions and explore uncharted territory in business and dare to challenge old assumptions.

You are a leader, Entrepreneur, Power Speaker and man of excellence we salute and congratulate you on your outstanding world class achievements and are proud to induct you into the HKA Career Hall of Fame, on this day the 19 October, 2011.



Ken Ramsay, Son of Jamaica, Extraordinary International Artist, Photographer and Author

Ken Ramsay, son of Jamaica, extraordinary international artist, photographer, author and great spirit of creativity, friendship and joy.  We remember and salute you in the presentation of this posthumous award.  Today we break with the traditional order of citations and hail your achievements in the language of poetry, for yours is a poetic and creative soul, which will never leave us and which transcends time and space to shine eternally in our hearts and memories.

Before I read the poem “Dare to Dream which I wrote as a tribute to Ken, I would like to say that:

Ken Ramsay was the person who gave me the greatest encouragement to mount this Event and to persist through difficult times.   He understood right away what I wanted to do and what the collective power of people coming together to share solutions and inspire each other could do.   When I was first planning it and faced with limiting financial circumstances, he said “Don’t worry, if you have a good idea, you can attract financial support to make it happen and he shared the story of how he had financed his book “Dare To Dream” by pre-selling it to corporate sponsor – that gave me the idea to do the same with Expo.

It was also Ken who designed a beautiful work of art “In the Spirit,” to

Symbolize the theme of our first Expo, “Career and Life Planning for the Age of Mind Power”.The piece “In the Spirit” is here today and is befitting of the occasion as it represents him “in the spirit’ with us today.

It was Ken who encouraged me when things did not always work out the way we planned and sponsorship fell short of its mark. His last comments to me on the great success of Expo was “congratulations you’ve got it just right and I love the fact that you stuck with it, you never gave up and now you can really celebrate”.  He then presented me with a gift of one of his lovely black and white prints which I hold dear.

You see Ken Ramsay was no ordinary friend he was an extraordinary human being, who had the capacity to share his love and grand vision of life with others, while celebrating and encouraging theirs.  At a time when there is so much petty squabbling about position power, Ken showed how to transcend it all.  He created his own script and role for life, respected each person’s genuine search for self-actualization and freedom and empowered others with encouragement, love and spiritual inspiration.

Ken I we see you smiling that slow, mischievous smile.

Ken this poem and tribute are for you:


By: Gillian  Rowlands

Walk in like a cowboy, with the wind in your back

And the great canvass of the sky behind you

Take your picture of life; just focus your lens, smile, and click

And dreams take shape, like clouds creating forms

Like waves rippling out and breezes billowing sail cloths

In an instant you capture it all and frame it for time

The Bold, Black Head, the Rastafarian prophet’s ancient face

The leader, pensive, introspective and alone,

The sensuous muse, silhouetted against a Portland sky

The spirit of beauty rising out of the invisible, creative ethos

Takes form in your mind’s eye and you who dare to dream give it life

Breathe it into immortality and open our eyes to unmasked truth

We turn to reflect and in a photo flash, you are gone

With no noise, no warning, quietly falling into a timeless sleep

Leaving us with black and white prints and deeply etched memories

Memories of you, walking across the canvass of time

In your cowboy boots and signature scarf, smiling for the next picture

And whispering “you too can dare to dream and live your passion”

“Just go for it, the sky is limitless, spirit knows no bounds”

Your spirit lives on in your work and the many friends whose lives you touched

Sleep sweetly Ken, with eternal dreams of beauty

And rest until we meet again in God’s great love and time.

As I wrote this poem, I was struck by the fact that I would  look across the room and  not see  Ken in the Corner with the artists, who like him always supported this event. And this leaves a great big empty space in this room and in our hearts.


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